Thursday, 30 April 2009

I love my man!

He's just brought me a lovely big walk-in greenhouse home!
6x4.... Plenty of space now!
Thank you! :)

It's all going on in my pots!

Okay, a few more pics:


2 days old


2 days old

You can't really make much out in this pic. But it's there, up by the label stick.... Just starting to poke through!


9 days old

Looks like I might be re-potting these shortly. They've gone a little mad!


4 days old

Cabbage (left) and Cauliflower (right)

4 days old


9 days old
Wow, not doing so bad now are they?

Mustard Greens (left) and Leaf Mix (right)

4 days old

Rocket Salad

4 days old

I think I'll have to start grouping them together to snap pic updates. As uploading them all to blogger and labelling them all properly seems a lengthy process and sometimes a little confusing, especially since all the herbs and things are quite similar.

Still no progress on the carrots, hopefully something will come up soon!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A bit of digging later.....

Now, has anyone out there got any advice on the do's and dont's about home composting?
I keep googling and coming back with loads of information, but quite a lot of sites give different guidelines. Like one says weeds are good, whilst another says weeds are bad. Which is it, please?!


I've just noticed that where I've sited my mini greenhouse has got to be the most shaded part of the garden.... So out I go to re-site it :(

On the upside our new compost bin has just arrived! So might site that too! :D

Bad Alfie!

Maybe not so much a good day. Just caught my youngest cat, Alfie snatch a sunflower seedling out of the tray which is sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

What is it with our cats??

Gardeners World Weather

According to a quick check up on the Gardeners World website this morning, it seems that today might be an okay day to get some potted seeds and seedlings out into the mini greenhouse.
The sun is shining right now, the greenhouse looks like it's warming up and my compost bin was loaded onto the van out for delivery at about 6am this morning.

Looks like today might be a good day!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I must be doing something right?!

Quick update on my gardening activities.


7 days old

I've managed to get some new batteries for my digital camera, so these pictures will probably look a lot clearer now. Not bad for 7 days eh?


7 days old


7 days old

I'm really, really pleased with how these are progressing. They obviously like their new home and Jessica loves checking up on them every morning.

Freshly planted from seeds:

26th April '09

Chilli Pepper
Sweet Pepper
Mustard Greens
Leaf Mix (Oriental Spicy)
Rocket Salad (Which has started germinating!! :D)

Rocket Salad - 2 days old
Basil Genovese

27th April '09

Runner Bean
Spring Onion

28th April '09


I've not snapped any pics of the recently potted stuff because it just looks like a mound of compost in pots at the moment, but as soon as they start popping up, be sure I will be there with my trusty camera.

Last night I also had a go at making my very own paper pots. Even more Eco-friendly and saving me plenty of pennies on purchasing pots and seed trays. They worked out great and heres a pic.

Jessica also planted up a little basic flower mix and has her own watering can. I shall snap pics of these if they come up.... Thats if she hasn't flooded them by then!

Just checked on the whereabouts of my compost bin too and according to this it's on it's way to the delivery depot. Which means I should have it by tomorrow!!

Garden Space - As Of The 28th April '09

Monday, 27 April 2009

Compost, compost and more bloody compost!

I'm getting even more nerdy now and extremely Eco-friendly... I've gone and purchased a compost bin and it's getting delivered to me by courier. It's being collected tomorrow, so hopefully by the end of this week I shall be well on my way to creating my very own compost.

I should really be drooling over a pair of stilettos.....

I am the proud owner of a greenhouse!!

Yesterday we did a bit of garden shopping and I managed to pick up a cheap 4 tier plastic greenhouse for £10!! I also picked up some more seeds. I've definitely got the gardening bug.

So heres some progress on my seedlings:


They're really getting on now. So much so, that I've had to take the lid off them and they're quite happily sitting on the bedroom windowsill. I'm gonna give them another week or so indoors and then move them to the greenhouse.

The lavender have taken a little while longer to come through.... But they're definitely there alright! :D


To be honest, I didn't think these would come through at all. I'm not sure they liked so much sun in the bedroom, so I've moved them to the back bedroom windowsill and they seem to be doing okay there.

I also managed to pot up some carrots;

Also did some herbs and things, but haven't got round to snapping pics of them yet. Or the greenhouse. Just waiting for a clear, sunny day now to get out in the backgarden and get it all rolling. Not long, not long.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sunflowers Progress - 4 Days

Woke up to find these;

Friday, 24 April 2009

Wow, wow, wow!!!

The last pic shows my Sunflowers sprouting. I've just gone and checked on them and look what I've found....*big smiles*

The great seed race!

They've been planted a whole 3 days and already the Sunflowers are off to a great start. I inspected them yesterday morning to find that they are sprouting. Woo hoo!!

I know the pic isn't all that clear, but you can see what I'm talking about.

Still waiting for the lavender and tomatoes to start popping through. But at least I know they like the warmth on the window sill.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lavender, Sunflowers & Tomatoes

So I've finally made a start on my attempt at being all green fingered. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'm so excited to see if I can indeed actually grow anything.

My seeds have been potted up and now sit comfortably on my bedroom window sill, keeping warm.
Here are some pics of when I potted them:

I'm gonna see how I get on with these three first, before I go out of my way to purchase anymore seeds. But eventually I'm hoping to turn over a bit of soil in my back garden and turn it into a little veggie patch. I understand that the soil might not be all that great here, but it's worth a try. Also going to get hold of a decent sized greenhouse and hopefully get all of my seedlings (if I manage to grow any) outside and used to the climate.

Here's hoping!

Anyway, this blog isn't really one to pull in visitors or hits, it's mainly just my diary of my progress, but any visitors/followers are more than welcome to follow me along the way!