Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A bit of digging later.....

Now, has anyone out there got any advice on the do's and dont's about home composting?
I keep googling and coming back with loads of information, but quite a lot of sites give different guidelines. Like one says weeds are good, whilst another says weeds are bad. Which is it, please?!


Lucy said...

Weeds are bad, especially if they have seed heads or roots, so I'm led to believe, however nettles without the roots are excellent for speeding up the process. But don't just take my word for it as I am also learning.

Living Dead Girl said...

Well I found this site, some things listed on there seem a bit strange and some things I've noticed on other sites are a big no no.

VP said...

Depends on the weeds and the stage they're at. Annual weeds are OK as long as they're not at the seed stage - it's unlikely your compost will get hot enough to destroy the seeds, so you'll get lots of weeds from your compost :(

Perennial weeds like dock, buttercups, dandelions, couch grass, nettles and bindweed are usually definite no-no's UNLESS you drown them in water for a few weeks first so they are definitely dead. You can also use the water as a weak fertiliser - it is rather smelly though!

It's compost awareness week - so if you google that, you should find the compost awareness site, which will give you lots of info.

Thanks for Following BTW! :)