Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lavender, Sunflowers & Tomatoes

So I've finally made a start on my attempt at being all green fingered. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'm so excited to see if I can indeed actually grow anything.

My seeds have been potted up and now sit comfortably on my bedroom window sill, keeping warm.
Here are some pics of when I potted them:

I'm gonna see how I get on with these three first, before I go out of my way to purchase anymore seeds. But eventually I'm hoping to turn over a bit of soil in my back garden and turn it into a little veggie patch. I understand that the soil might not be all that great here, but it's worth a try. Also going to get hold of a decent sized greenhouse and hopefully get all of my seedlings (if I manage to grow any) outside and used to the climate.

Here's hoping!

Anyway, this blog isn't really one to pull in visitors or hits, it's mainly just my diary of my progress, but any visitors/followers are more than welcome to follow me along the way!