Monday, 27 April 2009

Compost, compost and more bloody compost!

I'm getting even more nerdy now and extremely Eco-friendly... I've gone and purchased a compost bin and it's getting delivered to me by courier. It's being collected tomorrow, so hopefully by the end of this week I shall be well on my way to creating my very own compost.

I should really be drooling over a pair of stilettos.....


Lucy said...

This is going to sound really sad, but they are fantastic, you add grass, nettles, egg shells cardboard etc and over a few months it turns into brown compost like you get from the garden centres - MAGIC!! I'm quite excited about digging it out and using it on my veggies. See I have already become a eco-nerd!! Mind you I am older than you so I think I'm allowed ;)