Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bye bye babies!

Because of the problem I'm having with windowsill space and the fact that we have two little monsters and 3 moggies, and that's 4 hands and 12 paws, I decided to go take some of my seedlings to my Mums and store them in her mini-greenhouse (the one I originally bought and then gave to her when hubby bought me the 6x4 plastic one). So you might not see me update on their progress for a little while, but she does only live a few doors away, so I should hopefully be able to snap some progress pics.

I've got lots of re-potting to do today: Coriander, Chilli Pepper, Dill, Chives, Thyme, Cauliflower and Cabbage..... I won't mention it to hubby though. I think he's a little worried I'm bringing the "green"house indoors. It's only really until my new greenhouse gets delivered.

Another Sunflower got re-homed yesterday. I think that leaves about 20-odd remaining. Jessica has talked me into keeping 9 now and I'm thinking they're gonna love it at the back of our garden, against the back fence. When we get back from our holiday I'm going to get some more of the turquoise fence paint and freshen it up a bit.

It's raining outside, the heating is on and I'm enjoying a nice cuppa tea in the kitchen whilst the kids play upstairs. Life couldn't get much better.

Oh and happy 1st unnofficial anniversary hubby! - A few days late, but still :)