Sunday, 3 May 2009

I have new babies!

I've spent pretty much the whole weekend either in the greenhouse, re-potting, watching, waiting and daydreaming or sitting infront of the laptop reading, updating and learning.

The seedlings are really starting to take shape now....


5 days old

12 days old

I'm gonna have to re-pot these soon!

12 days old

Newly aquired Strawberries!

Age: Approx 1 year

Really not sure what I should be doing with these at this time of the year. Should really get round to reading up on them. Mum said she didn't get much fruit off them last year. So she's given me a whole pot to see how we both compare this year.... This is an ultimate test for me! Haha


6 days old

These have only been like this since putting in the greenhouse yesterday. As when I fetched them outside from the comfort of my windowsill, it just looked like a paper pot full of compost with a lolly stick label.

Rocket Salad

7 days old

Re-potted and looking very healthy, quite proud of the herbs.

6 days old

The label says 10 seeds. This is overall. There are only two seedlings in this pop bottle. Self watering too, thought I'd throw my crafty side into gardening.... Saves me more pennies too!

It would appear that the carrots are LOVING it in the greenhouse! Just a shame the frame isn't gonna hold. We had some pretty gusty winds this morning and a few more joints have cracked :(

7 days old


CabbageWhilst browsing lastnight I stumbled across another Swap Seed site and thought I'd give it a go and I already have my first swap going! I'm trading my Basil (Dark Opal) for some Cornflower Blue Balls. Not too hopeful about growing flowers from seeds, but I was talking to hubby lastnight about our front garden and we have decided to work with a blue/purple/white theme and we think (or should I say, I think) that these will work with our theme.

Thats about it for today. Looking forward to a lovely Sunday Roast tomorrow, so might not grab a minute to update. This should keep you going for a few days :)