Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pea, Spinach & Tomatoes

I collected about 40 flower pots today, some guy offered them on Freecycle and I managed to snap them up. And because I now have a plentiful supply of pots I've re-potted the Peas, Spinach and Tomatoes and they are now sitting quite happily on my kitchen windowsill.


8 days old


8 days old

14 days old

Mum has taken 2 pots of tomatoes, leaving me with about 10 pots overall and my sister has taken 2 sunflowers.... I just need to find homes for the other 8+ now....

Jessica's Flower Mix

7 days old

These seem to be doing really well, considering I keep forgetting to water them. Still not too sure what the flowers are and I think Jessica is going to be quite miffed if they're not all pink. Eek!

Anyway, potted up some free seeds today. Pretty Primula's. Never grown flowers from seed before, so this will be quite interesting.

Should hopefully get round to ordering my greenhouse tomorrow. Oooh it's so exciting!

Cut update: Skin still flappy, not bleeding. Very swollen and sore. Not sure if butterfly stitches are in order.... Or a trip to A&E for a bit of glue! :(


April said...

Nice pots full of green :D I hope you have great luck with them :D