Monday, 11 May 2009

I thought it looked familiar!

My Lemon Balm seeds came this morning and upon closer inspection of the plant on the packet, I noticed it looked very familiar. So off I went, searching the many 'overgrown' plants around our gardens and stumbled across this one plant, situated by our front door. This one plant has been driving me bananas since we moved in (February) as it is slowly but surely taking over the footpath. I (being the total ignorant non-gardener) thought it was a stingy weed or something - hence me warning the kids not to touch it. Anyway turns out, whilst holding the packet of seeds against the plant, that it is indeed a Lemon Balm.... Bloody Nora!

One rub of the leaf and I was in lemon-heaven!

Decided to take two cuttings and see if I can grow on from them. One has been dipped in rooting powder and the other hasn't. We'll see how they progress. Not too sure what to do with the plant now though. It's in such an awkward spot and it's really overgrown (plus looks like aphids have/or are starting to attack) so I'm not sure whether to pull the whole thing up, split it and keep in pots or just pull it up and offer it to a neighbour. Hmmm, what to do?!

I also received my Young Border Auricula plant and Fennel seeds. Can't wait to see if the Auricula actually flowers, but I could be waiting a few years yet. Oh and I nipped into a charity shop whilst on my travels and picked up 2 gardening books for a few quid and they're already pointing me in the right direction for designing my front garden.

Ooooh, nearly forgot to mention. I had a telephone call this morning from Norfolk Greenhouses, looks like my greenhouse will be here a lot sooner than I first thought. They said it should be with me within 7 days. Woo hoo!!! - Now I better get that back patch in the garden ready....