Thursday, 14 May 2009

Whats the story, Morning Glory?

Wow, they certainly speak for themselves this morning, don't they?

Elsewhere in the garden space (or should I say - the windowsill space) the Lobelia has shot up!

The Radish is certainly loving the view from my living room!

And believe it or not, I have new leaves from the Auricula plant that I received from the Garden Swap Shop site the other day. The outer leaves look like they're dying away a little. But they look no different to when I received it. Fingers crossed it likes it's new home!

I've spent the early part of this morning (I know it's still early) pinching the new runners from my strawberries. Apparently that's what you're meant to be doing around this time of year. Found a few slugs in the pot... Must remember to add some kind of slug repellent, any recommendations? Strawberries must love their sunny location though, as the fruit is starting to form (only really small) and turning red. Doesn't look like we'll get healthy size strawberries this year.

List of things to do today:

Plant some Agapanthus White African Lily seeds
Re-pot Peppers & Chilli Peppers
Re-pot lavender
and possibly re-pot the Morning Glory (but might wait a few days longer)

P.S: The postie has just delivered a lovely parcel from Dobies. Ooh it's like Christmas!
I've got: Aster, Candytuft, Agastache & Sage *big grin* - Now.... where to stash them?


Lucy said...

Slug repellent - well having watch a whole feature on slug repellents on This Morning last year (sad I know but I am a full time mom and now Maggie is 2 and 7 months I am brain washed with Cbeebies and Peppa Pig - hooray for my garden obsession) ANYWAY... copper is a good one it gives them a shock so they stay away you can get copper strip to stick on pots etc from garden centres it is around £6, I also have a beer trap which is fantastic as long as you use beer otherwise I think it is pellets but if you have kids I'm sure it is the best option, Oh you can use egg shell as well. You would think I had a fantastic garden of beautiful flowers and vegetables but at the moment I can only talk the talk!