Saturday, 16 May 2009


I managed to build the front and back of the greenhouse indoors, but it was a bugger to get out!

Once it was out through the kitchen door, the rest of the frame fell together, with no real need for the lame instructions.

And this is the project so far. I've just finished putting the door together and I'll be out in the morning covering it with the plastic provided, digging it into the ground a little and putting the finishing touches to it. Can't wait!

No real time to do a progress post, but check out my flickr account for all recent pics.


Tatyana said...

Wow! All by yourself? I am taking off my hat!

Living Dead Girl said...

All by myself indeed and I'm actually quite proud of myself :)

Todays tasks involve covering the whole thing with pvc and taping it into place, whilst hubby digs a space at the back of the garden to bed it down.

Thanks for stopping by!