Friday, 15 May 2009

Well, it's all there!

Yep, opened the box and counted everything and it is indeed all there. The instructions are a bit lame though and I can feel a major headache will be brewing whilst trying to put the thing up. I'm thinking I might build the frame in stages indoors and then take it outside in pieces. That's the plan anyway.

Called into a garden centre with Mum this afternoon and what a find! I never even knew it existed! Run by the Wirral Autistic Society, it provides a real working environment for people with Autism and I have to say I was simply blown away by what they actually do there.
They had about 9/10 greenhouses FULL of plants ranging from herb, veggies to a massive selection of flowers. All in outstanding condition, far better than any garden centre I've ever been to. In one of the greenhouses there was a lesson in re-potting plants, almost made me wanna join in and learn a thing or two from the experts! The people and staff who run the place were extremely helpful and knew what they were talking about. The plants were dirt cheap and I mean dirt cheap! I bought two gorgeous Lavender (English Lavender) for no more than £3, when in a garden centre (about 10 minutes up the road) they were selling exactly the same plant at £5 each! Mum picked up two plants for around her pond, that in the garden centre would have set her back about £15-a-pop, these two cost her £2.50 each. I'll definitely be heading back there when we are ready for planting flowers around the gardens. Plus I won't feel as bad spending too much money there, as it all goes to a good cause.

So here is the latest addition to my collection:

And here is one of them in a much bigger pot: